Mega Fortris work with many governmental organisations to ensure whenever they have an event like the one mentioned above we are able to cater for their security needs. Mega Fortris also had the pleasure of catering for the Commonwealth Games 2014 which were held in Glasgow. Now that the UK has come to its second major event we are prepared to be able to cater for the voting taking place in June.

Mega Fortris have seals which have been specially designed for applications such as the Ballot Boxes and the trailers won which they will be transported. The General Election being a big decision Great Britain will take we believe it is very important to ensure a safe and secure voting.

Ballot Boxes can be sealed with a variety of seals from the MF Range some of which are detailed below:

Indicative Security Seals

Fast Seal Range – The Fast Seal is one of our best plastic seals range for the application such as the Ballot box due to its thin tail and a large tag to allow serial numbering, bar coding and QR coding. The Fast Seal is a relatively strong seal despite its small dimensions. This is partly due to the metal locking mechanism, which secures the seal. The Fast Seals are available in either Polypropylene (PP) or Nylon. The characteristics of Nylon material make it stronger and with better pull strength than PP material.

Triple Pull Tight Seal SP – The triple pull tight like the Fast Seal has a relatively small tale to allow for it to secure a Ballot Box however the Triple tight has an inspection window to allow the user to view if the seal has been secured properly. The Triple Tight Seal SP is equipped with an advanced floating locking mechanism that makes it very user-friendly.

The security of Ballot boxes can also be increased by placing a tamper evident security label or tape on the ballot box along with a security seal. Mega Fortris supply a range of security tapes and labels shown below:

Security Tape with hidden ‘VOID’ Message

Tri-Colour Security Tape – The Tri-Colour is also a perfect way to ensure the user is able to view clear signs if the Ballot box has been tampered with. Tamper Evident Security Tape is a self adhesive packaging tape that incorporates an indicator designed to provide visual evident that tampering has occurred.

Security Labels

Partial Transfer Security Labels – The PT Security Labels can be placed on Ballot Boxes along with security seals to ensure if the Ballot Box has been opened it will show signs of Tampering. PT Security Labels can be applied to Forensic Evidence Bags and Boxes; Security Envelopes; Metal, Glass or Plastic Containers; Packing Cartons; Coin Bags; Cash Boxes; Meters and Valves; Pallet Stretch or Shrink Films; Coated Paper Boxes; Plastic Bags or Poly Bags.

Total Transfer Security Labels

– The total Transfer works similarly to the Partial Transfer and again this security label can be used with a Security seals to secure Ballot boxes. This Security label can be used on all applications shown above.

In essence Mega Fortris have the capabilities to cater for all types of Governmental Events and the Voting for General Election. Furthermore Mega Fortris take pride in the quality of their products and work very hard to ensure every customer gets a 5 star treatment. We take your security above and beyond the standard expectation.