The Secure Exports Scheme (SEP) helps New Zealand exporters minimise Customs delays at international borders and get priority in recovering from trade disruptions.

Continue with the Peace Of Mind that your container is secured the best way possible.
With the New Zealand Customs Approved “SEP” security seals, you now have a choice of sealing One or Two of the container doors however please think carefully about this choice.
You should also ASK about our latest technology MEGA-APP Tracking Software and our new Klicker 2K security seals

SEP two door locking solution for maximum security

Between 2005 and mid 2011, NZ Customs approved for use within the SES/SEP Scheme only one sea freight container seal, being the “MCL250 SEP Megalock 2K” 2 door locking device.

While globally appreciated that securing the two doors on a container is far greater security than sealing only one, we have been in the background designing yet another even stronger two door solution for those customers exporting “Higher Risk” product, or for those requiring even more peace of mind. The new ISO compliant “Mega Flexi Lock” is now approved by NZ Customs and a further option for your consideration. Again, this does NOT replace the Megalock, the Mega Flexi is an additional option adding even greater security.

You do however now have options of sealing either one or two container doors:

NZC recently also approved for use, our high security Single Door solution being the “Klicker Seal” and while we are happy to be the supplier of a full range of options for you, our interest lay in the protection of your assets and we do still strongly support the two door solution.

In Closing; I am very pleased to advise that although it is widely known that there are many seal manufacturers presenting risks to exporters by producing Copycat Seals, we recently completed a tour of Asia visiting a large amount of seal makers and found no signs of our two door solutions being copied. Innovative design, supply commitment and advice are only a part of our commitment to you, and like you, protecting our assets, (our security seals) is paramount.

Please feel free to call myself directly or talk to any of our team for further information regarding the SEP Security Seals or more.

Glen Moore Director
SEP Mega Lock 2K

Providing a combination of two proven high security seals to New Zealand’s Secure Export Partners as well as exporters world wide “Don’t get caught short with a single door locking seal” ask us why.

Self-locking mechanism that is easily locked by hand but can only be removed by a strong cable cutter or a bolt cutter. It takes two cuts to open the Mega Lock 2K seal.

The Mega Lock 2K can be colour coded to suit customers’ individual requirements, however the SEP or NZ Customs approved Mega lock 2K can only be supplied with a RED coloured alloy body printed with the letters SEP. Outside of SEP seals, the cable locking body can be anodized in 5 standard colours and the bolt seal is moulded with high impact ABS in a range of colours.

The Mega Cable Lock is etched with permanent laser marking of unique serial numbers, logo, bar code and/or customer name on both parts of the seal. The seal’s two locking bodies can be etched with identical numbers logo and bar code.

The Mega Lock 2K boasts the proven security features and strength of Mega Fortris New Zealand Limited. Cable Lock seal and Klicker bolt seal. Both these seals are used individually worldwide to protect high valuable goods during transport in containers and trucks.
The Mega Lock 2K boasts a solid combination of materials: rust proof aluminium body, a strong steel cable combined with a mild steel bolt and barrel moulded with high impact ABS. The synergy between the strong materials and an innovative tamper evident design makes the Mega Lock 2K truly secure and unique.

Both locking mechanisms are embedded which makes the seal highly tamper evident.

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