Mega Fortris Group takes pride in who we are identity and the values we follow. As a global organisation we work together as a family. Lead by Dr Dato Nick Ng and our Group CEO Mr Adrian Ng, we live and breathe by our corporate values. We believe the customers should always be at the heart of all employees, aiming to provide the best customer service to all who have contact with our group. We believe it isn’t just about having good products, you need to provide a long-lasting customer experience. Which makes the customer’s wanting to work with Mega Fortris repeatedly.

At Mega Fortris we always try and live by the following principles:

  1. Consumer Knowledge – Mega Fortris has been working with a wide range of industries since 1996 all the while gathering knowledge and educating consumers along the way. At Mega Fortris we will always try and provide the best solution for any security requirement and endeavour to provide as much information to ensure our customers are correctly educated.
  2. High Quality Products – At our main factory in Malaysia, each department works together 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to maintain a high level of manufacturing processes are achieved. We can achieve this through ISO 14001 & ISO 9001 accreditation. This is to ensure every seal that leaves our premises is engineered to the highest qualities.
  3. Competitive Edge – Our highly trained sales teams combine their seal knowledge and experiences to provide the most appropriate security seals at affordable prices, for each customer. We will always work with our customers to try and provide the best security solution at a competitive price.
  4. Next Day Delivery – At Mega Fortris UK we are able to provide Next Day Delivery on all of our website product range with standard, laser-marked stock. If an order is placed by early afternoon, we can process your order promptly and deliver in a timely manner.
  5. Customised Products – At Mega Fortris UK We have two top of the range Laser Machines to allow us to customise all our products with Customer Logo, Company Name, Barcoding and more.

Mega Fortris have been working in the Security Seals industry for over 2 decades and understand the importance of our customers’ needs. Try us out, order some free of charge samples and we guarantee that you will be satisfied. Our email address is or to talk to us directly Telephone: 01543 677256.