Security seals play a key role in securing: the aviation industry, securing aircrafts, airports, ground operations and airline supply chains against the issues of tampering, theft or bad practice. Security seals allow management to create an audit history of logistics movements. This enables accredited users to identify risks and means of managing and reducing threats.

“ As Managing Director of Mega Fortris UK this product is one of our top sellers. We supplied this to a UK company that was incurring losses. When they used the cable seal the product reduced the losses to zero. I would recommend the cart seal and strongly suggest requesting free samples. This is the world first two colour cable seal that protects all goods in transit 100% Guaranteed.``
Michael Bogacki, Managing Director. Mega Fortris UK Ltd.

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Airplane Doors – Non-Transfer (NT) Security Labels

One common use of the NT Security Labels is to notify or record access to restricted areas. An essential requirement is to ensure airplane doors must always be sealed when unattended confirming unauthorised personnel do not have access to the aircraft. NT Security Labels provide an excellent security solution for aircraft doors; they cannot be removed without leaving signs of tamper. When unpeeled or removed, the labels indicate a VOID or OPENED message on the surface of the label without leaving any residue on the aircraft itself.

Air Freight/ Cargo Containers – Cable Security Seals

Airline freight or cargo containers are often experienced in rugged handling through logistics movements and in-flight cargo movement. It is significant to select the correct security seal to ensure the safety and security of the cargo. Seals should provide the latest anti-tampering features with a high-pull strength. We recommend using one of our MCLZ cable seal range with the latest anti-tampering bridge and high-pull strengths. The cable seals can only be removed with specialised cable cutting tools, preventing access to unauthorised operators and can withstand the forces of rugged handling through transit and air turbulence.

Securing Ground Operations and Logistics Vehicles – Plastic Security Seals

Logistics vehicles such as fuelling trucks, cargo trailers, and ground vehicles should be sealed when not in use by an indicative plastic seal to prevent intrusion. Mega Fortris recommend using one of our pull-tight security seals with the metal insert due to its increased level of security and pull strength. Plastic Seals can be used as identification tags in addition to, security seals, as they provide clear signs of tampering. Plastic seals are available in different lengths, pull strengths, with/without tear off facility and various colours in order to meet the specific requirements.

Waste/Equipment collection bags and sacks – Identification seals

Waste or equipment bags and sacks should be sealed by utilising an identification tag seal to provide safe transport to prevent access to hazardous material or dangerous goods. Identification tags can be customised by printing company name, logo and sequential numbering allowing an easy audit trail and secure movement.

Securing Catering Trolleys – Airline Security Padlock: Mega Padlock

Catering trolleys should be sealed to prevent intrusion and loading of unauthorised goods on the trolleys. The Mega Padlock is a flat, slim and user-friendly plastic seal ideal for securing catering and duty-free trolleys. It is available in a wide range of colours with custom printing available such as company name, logo and sequential numbering.

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