With the ever-increasing threat of theft or interference whilst your cargo is in transit, it has never been more essential to secure your assets in our globally-connected world. With Calais crisis and Brexit causing higher risk of theft or migrants breaching your cargo. Security seals have become an even more important part of the supply chain process. Security Seals help to ensure your valued assets arrive at the destination intact and without delays.

As a leading manufacturer – Mega Fortris Security Seals are designed in various forms to suit a wide range of applications. We will show you the different types of seals which are available for various applications on road transport vehicles.

Transit and Small Van Security

Security Labels

Non-Residue Security Labels also known as Non-Transfer Security Labels can be placed on the seam of vehicle doors. This restricts entry without removing the label and activating the hidden security feature, leaving a VOID message on the label. Non-Residue Security Labels will not damage the vehicle or any paint work, as they do not leave a glue residue on the surface of the door.

Vans with Roller Door Shutters

Plastic Pull-Tight Seals

Vans with roller door shutters possess a hasp or staple-style locking mechanism allowing for the use of pull-tight or pull through tamper evident security seals. These types of security seals are secured tightly around the locking mechanism restricting access or interference.

Mega Fortris manufacture a wide range of pull-tight security seals differing in size, length, colour and locking mechanism. This allows for a wide range of applications to be secured. Our seals can be customised featuring your logo, company name, barcoding, and more. We also offer next day delivery on most standard marked security seals.

Articulated Lorry Trailer Doors

Fixed-Length / Ring Seals

Trailer Doors possess various types of locking mechanisms, so the choice of security seal will depend on the type of locking mechanism at hand. We recommend the use of either Pull-Tight/Pull-Through or fixed length seals.

Fixed-length also known as “Ring Seals” form a ring and are secured through the locking mechanism. Ring seals do not pull tightly around the lock, they form a loop and can move freely to allow for inspections and show signs of tampering.


Fixed-Length Seals and TIR Cords

TIR Cords in conjunction with fixed length security seal provide the ideal security solution to secure curtain sided trailers. TIR Cords are passed through each buckle along the side of the trailer. Once the TIR cord has been looped around the trailer it is secured at the back of the trailer using a fixed length/ring seal. This prevents access to the trailer without breaking the seal.

Inter-modal Containers on Trailers

High-Security Bolt Seals & Plastic Indicative Seals (empty loads only)

We recommend the use of ISO 17712 “H” certified and C-TPAT compliant security seals for shipping containers, being transported internationally. Mega Fortris manufacture high quality Bolt Seals and Cable Seals tested and certified to ISO 17712 clause 5 & 6.

Our high security seals are used around the world and are the most established seals in all industries. We have the largest range of UK Customs Accepted Security Seals. The use of plastic security seals is recommended for securing empty containers preventing access without breaking the seal. It is essential to secure empty containers to prevent migrants or criminal organisations smuggling illegal contents using your container.

Open Top Containers

TIR Cords & Plastic or Cable Seals

Open top containers are secured in a similar method as the curtain sided trailers. Open top containers are covered using a tarpaulin. TIR cords are used to secure the tarpaulin by passing the cord through the eyelets, and around the corner points on a container or lashing rings. The TIR cords can be secured using indicative plastic seals, or for international shipping we recommend the use of high security bolt seals or cable seals.

Oil, Gas & Bulk Liquid Tankers

Pull-Tight Cable Seals

Oil, Gas and liquid tankers are at a risk of theft or interference due to the valuable or potentially hazardous contents they carry. We recommend securing sensitive and valuable access points to be secured such as valves, meters and hatches with high quality and tamper evident pull tight cable seals. Mega Fortris manufacture a wide range of high quality pull tight cable security seals which can be used to secure access points.

If you are unsure of the type of security seal required for your application type, please call our team of experts on 01543 677256 for advice on securing your cargo.